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Now given that that entity that contains that attention does not wake up up or decide to invent a different universe, then all is right with the universe we virtually inhabit. Must neuro defend the Galaxy Contain Consciousness? Must the [rest of the] universe contain consciousness? Definitely not, any more than the staying universe MUST contain other extraterrestrial way of life kinds. Life on World World, or at least a lot of way of life on World World, has attention. But, that could be a one-off fluke. You can't claim attention being a bit of a global property throughout the universe from a mathematical example of one. The universe can contain attention since some terrestrial way of life kinds display attention, like ourselves, but that does not mean it MUST contain attention across the cosmic board. An extraterrestrial way of life type like a virus on the World Zork may not of necessity display any attention. It might be an activity to believe that a virus displays attention, and viruses could well be distributed throughout the universe via that seeding procedure known as panspermia. Is the Galaxy Fine-Tuned for Consciousness? That attention dominates indicates the universe must be fine-tuned enough to allow attention to appear from those primary laws, ideas and connections that rule the cosmic roost. However, attention is not inevitable. At one amount of your power and effort in the universe when way of life, hence ideas, hence attention did not are available, so attention did not spring into way of life nanoseconds after the Big Hit event. We only have one example in the entirety of the vast universe of attention current, so attention may well be a fluke. It's to extrapolate from a mathematical example of one. There would not appear to be any different of attention anywhere else in our solar program so it's complicated to believe that attention is globally or built into the fabric of the universe. Just because there is one natural apple in a gun barrel of red celery does not mean the gun barrel was required to contain any natural celery. Powers of the Subconscious Truth be known, I believe that the unconscious is a far more mysterious realm of the neuro defend or of the neuro defend than attention. I'm in complete

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